he touches my face all the time
romantic-izinq asked: Their faces are so close to each other. Why do they do that?! I get so frustrated I just want to push one of them to the other and say, KISS ALREADY, YOU FOOLS! :D

u speak for all of us aha! ;)

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romantic-izinq asked: Okay, I'm kinda flushed but I'm getting my feels of Zarry right now. I've watched some videos of them during the TMH concert tours. And they're all whispery and all over each other. Like they have so much to talk about lol. Do you think there is SOMETHING behind those? :D :>

nothing to be flushed abt! and man, i have no fucking clue what they whisper so much abt. this is why we all lose our sleep. but i personally think it’s just abt things they see on the crowd, talking abt girls, or abt one of the boys doing smt or smt they see and relate to a past story…… but i also like to think they tease each other, throw some sexual joke here and there. but that’s another headcanon ;)

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Zayn and Harry’s Vocals and Adlibs in You and I (accapella) 

listen with earphones! 

romantic-izinq asked: I love your blog!!!! And it makes me want to cry because I ship ZARRY so hard. I love them so much!!!!!! :>

aaaayyyyyyyyyy! thanks love, enjoy ur stay! :D

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